The "Wandoff" is a popular segment of the RHAP Survivor podcast "The Wiggle Room." In it, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review listener-submitted parody songs in order to select finalists for the "Final Wandoff" at the end of the season. The name derives from Survivor contestant Wanda Shirk, who was eliminated in the first episode of Survivor: Palau, after singing made up songs about the show.


The "Wandoff" began during coverage of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers. Wigler had previously used "The Wiggle Room" to highlight exclusive parody songs based on Survivor, often using a comedic imitation of Wanda Shirk's voice. Now, the baton turned to the listeners, as they were now given the opportunity to write, record, and send in their own songs. During every Wiggle Room podcast, the two review a selection of that week's submissions. Then, once the podcast is released, the listeners go to a poll to vote for their favorite song of the week. The artists who get voted through get to compete in the "Final Wandoff" after the season, where they submit one final song for review. At the end of another popular vote, a winner is declared. Starting with Survivor: Ghost Island, the winner received a prize in a much sought-after "Wigler's Wombats" hat.

Though Rob has consistently vocalized the polarization of the "Wandoff," it has received vocal praise from several Survivor alumni, including Ben Driebergen, Joe Mena, and Kellyn Bechtold.

Additionally, avid Rob Has a Podcast listener and patron Jason Curtis Rivera has been making terrific accompanying videos for all the Wandoff submissions on the Rob Has a Music Video Department YouTube channel.

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Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Wandoff WinnersEdit

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Episode Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Vote %
2 Eliza M Sad Birthday Party (Simone) [Original Song] 39%
3 Shannon Gaitz & Will from America A Cole New World A Whole New World Aladdin 42%
4 Eric H Shame on a Playa Shame on a Wu-Tang Clan Woo Huang Clan 30.15%
5 Jenny & Colin Roark It Work It Missy Elliott 55.67%
6 Jenny & Colin Without Ali Without Me Eminem 33.6%
7 Alex G I Vote Virgins Not Parole Officers I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! at the Disco 44.11%
8 Alex G Herstler Crew Shape of You Ed Sheeran 39.1%
8 Adam B We Kept in the Douchey Guy Hello Adele Exemption
9 Adam B Cole Squatted Pose Kiss from a Rose Seal 26.83%
10 & 11 DJ LaBelle-Klein Strong Her Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Kelly Clarkson Purple Kelly Clarkson 32.14%
12 Becky & Taylor Goodbye Lauren Rimmer Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John Elton Zhan Hu 55.1%
13 DJ LaBelle-Klein One Week One Week Barenaked Ladies Barenaked Ladies a.k.a. Jenna and Heidi 40.71%
RHAPpy Holidays Jenny & Colin Santa Tony Santa Baby Eartha Kitt 29.2%
Final DJ LaBelle-Klein RHAP Can Can Orpheus in the Underworld (Can-Can section) Jacques Offenbach 42.5%

Ghost Island Wandoff WinnersEdit

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Episode Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Vote %
1 & 2 Leah & JD Thoughts about the Premiere Wannabe [Spice Girls] 26.97%
3 DJ LaBelle-Klein Say Something Say Something [A Great Big World] 66.78%
4 Corey B Whiny 27.02%
5 Phil T Dude Chris Move [Ludacris] 29.05%
6 Phil T Ask Malolo - A Diss Track Black and Yellow [Wiz Khalifa] 35.73%
7 Bob from Columbus Mr. Blindside Mr. Brightside [The Killers] 46.9%
8 Bob from Columbus (ft. Maio Jar) Noble's Entourage Sabotage [Beastie Boys] 33.91%
9 Jenny & Colin Yergerlicious Fergalicious [Fergie] 49.13%
10 Eric H It Wasn't Me It Wasn't Me [Shaggy] 32.81%
11 Tyler Jacob Jones Hero Edit Hero [Mariah Carey] 49.96%
12 Alex G Crank That Aunt Patty Crank That [Soulja Boy] 48.88%
Final Tyler Jacob Jones Laurel vs The Superfans Belle [from Beauty and the Beast] 33.16%

David vs. Goliath Wandoff WinnersEdit

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Episode Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Vote %
1 Corey B Pat's Tweaked Back Everybody Backstreet Boys Bad Back Street Boys 45.4%
2 Jenny & Colin Talk Nerdy to Me Talk Dirty Jason Derulo Kyle Jason Derulo 42.8%
3 Karen from Canada Boogers on Your Tooth Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift Taylor Lee Stocker Swift or Tay Trang 35.29%
4 JD & Leah Bring the Charmpocalypse Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blindfold Challenges Are Dangerous, Arbitrary, and Reductive 45.78%
5 Karen from Canada Rockstar Catz Waltz Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss II Richard Hatch Strauss 33.5%
6 Tyler Jacob Jones Gabby's Lament, He's a Bro Let It Go Idina Menzel Ideena Bennett Menzel 34.25%
7 Alex G Elizabeth's Feud Symphony Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig von Ertfelda Beethoven 46.85%
8 PineappleBoy27 ft. Phil from Canada Rickenback City Rack City Tyga Taiga Trang 24.7%
9 DJ LaBelle-Klein David vs. Goliath Dance Mix In the Navy / Y.M.C.A. / Macho Man Village People Village People Strategy Blog ft Our #1 Listener Stephen Fishbach 53.27%
10 & 11 Corey B I Got Plans And I'm Wasted Friends in Low Places Garth Brooks Garth Brook Geraghty 32.54%
10 & 11 Bob from Columbus Stand Stand R.E.M. R.E.M.I.N.G.T.O.N. 22.09% (Exemption)
12 Matt from Waterloo Hubicki Man It's Tricky / Oops I Did It Again Run-D.M.C. / Britney Spears Run-D.M.G.C. and Knock Knock Bee's Knees Spears 31.94%
Final Matt from Waterloo Survivor Life, Pull Yourself Circle of Life / Lose Yourself The Lion King / Eminem EminEMILLLLY 21.72%

Edge of Extinction Wandoff WinnersEdit

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Episode Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Vote %
1 Bob with Two Bs Handlebars Handlebars Flobots Brenda Flobots 50.67%
2 Alex G Ron Clark Likes to Dance Just Dance Lady Gaga Lady GaGabon 24.28%
3 Alex G Vegetarian Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson Kelly Ron Clarkson 29.29%
4 Alex G Hotel Reem Service Hotel Room Service Pitbull Pitbull Posley 35.54%
5 & 6 DJ LaBelle-Klein & Corey B You've Just Offended Reem You've Got a Friend in Me Randy Newman Randy MaNu-man 51.25%
7 Amazing Mayzie Oh Hell No, No Shampoo How Bizarre OMC O M CeCe Taylor 22.24%
8 Tyler Jacob Jones Go, Aurora! A Million Reasons Lady Gaga Lady GaGALU 41.14%
9 Adam B I Am Reem This is Me The Greatest Showman The Greatest ShowManu 42.02%
10 Tyler Jacob Jones Making Edgic Out of Nothing at All Making Love Out of Nothing at All Air Supply Papa Bear Supply 42.04%
11 Robyn from Rochester La Cheeserie Happier Marshmello and Bastille Marshmello and SeaBass-tille 36.91%
12 Graham from the Bay It's Raining DILFs It's Raining Men The Weather Girls The Weather Girls That Work at Rick Devens' News Channel
13 Michael & Kimberly Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Frozen
Final TBD

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