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Taran Armstrong is a Big Brother live feed correspondent.

Bio[edit | edit source]

According to Armstrong's bio from Rob Has a Website:[1] "Video producer, podcaster, robot. Programmed specifically for optimal media consumption and analysis."

Rob Has a Podcast[edit | edit source]

Big Brother[edit | edit source]

Armstrong was chosen as one of the tryout live feed correspondents during the course of Big Brother Canada 3. He first appeared on March 27, 2015[2] and made several appearances throughout the season. Rob Cesternino then selected him as one of three main correspondents beginning with Big Brother 17, where he usually appeared on the podcast after the Sunday episode to recap the action.

Reality TV RHAP-Ups[edit | edit source]

Armstrong is a frequent contributor to the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour. He has officially appeared as a guest during a number of Big Brother off-season podcasts. He also frequently comes on during the guest question portion of the podcasts during the Survivor podcasts, earning the title of unofficial co-host from host Jordan Parhar.

Armstrong also covered the American Ninja Warrior special "USA vs. The World II" with "News AF Intern" Lita Brillman and began recapping the show proper with its eighth season in June 2016.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • Armstrong also appeared on an episode of "Most Shows Recapped," on Post Show Recaps talking about the show Nathan for You with Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro.[3]
  • Armstrong made appearances during "This Week in RHAP" on September 26, 2015[4] and October 10, 2015[5].
  • His favorite Big Brother player is Dan Gheesling.
  • While not being a well loved season, Taran says that his favorite BB21 player is Kemi Fakunle, a fan favorite.
  • His cat is named Kellhus after the book series "The Prince of nothing"
  • He loves plain yogurt.
  • He has stated multiple times that he would not play Big Brother but would play Survivor as it's double the money, half the time and no live feeds.

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