During the Survivor off-season, Rob creates a number of podcasts that discuss certain facets of the Survivor genre as a whole. This includes countdowns, drafts, and events/games involving Survivor alumni and members of the RHAP community.

List of PodcastsEdit


Finding the Similarities between Survivor and Game of Thrones with Jeff Pitman

March 24, 2012
Guests: Jeff Pitman
Jeff Pitman of "True Dork Times" talks with Rob about the similarities between Game of Thrones and Survivor in preparation for the second season premiere.

Russell Hantz Returns: The ‘Flipped Off’ Mega Hantz-Cast

April 23, 2012
Guests: Russell Hantz
Russell talks about his new A&E home renovation show "Flipped Off," as well as his thoughts on Survivor: One World.

The First Ever Survivor Think Tank – Stephen Fishbach on How to Fix Survivor

May 26, 2012
Guests: Stephen Fishbach
Rob and Stephen talk through a number of twists that could help change the Survivor franchise.

This IS Survivor Jeopardy!

November 27, 2012
Guests: Colton Cumbie, Sarah Dawson, Spencer Duhm
Rob hosts a Survivor-themed version of "Jeopardy!" featuring superfan contestants Colton, Dawson, and Spencer.


Original Fans Speak: Joel & Kathy 5 Years After Micronesia

February 25, 2013
Guests: Joel Anderson, Kathy Sleckman
Rob talks with Joel and Kathy from Survivor: Micronesia about their season 5 years after it aired, plus their thoughts on "fan-turned-favorite" Erik Reichenbach, currently on Survivor: Caramoan.


The 18 Survivor All-Stars on the Perfect Brains, Brawn & Beauty Tribes

January 15, 2014
Guest: Gordon Holmes
Rob and Gordon cast an all-stars season using the "Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty" format from the upcoming season Survivor: Cagayan.

Sandra, Fairplay & Rupert 10 Years After Survivor Pearl Islands

January 20, 2014
Guest: Sandra Diaz-Twine, Jonny Fairplay, Rupert Boneham
Rob reunites three cast members from Survivor: Pearl Islands on the 10th anniversary of their season to give a retrospective.

The Top 10 Strategic Survivor Moves of All-Time and Casting BBB from Game of Thrones

April 6, 2014
Guest: Josh Wigler
Josh talks about his recently-published article on Vulture of what he believes are the "Top 10 Strategic Survivor Moves of All-Time". Rob and Josh then went on to cast a Survivor season with characters of Game of Thrones, simulating how the season would run.

Interview with Shane Powers and Colby Brown

April 12, 2014
Guest: Shane Powers, Colby Brown
Shane brings on his friend Colby to Rob Has a Podcast, where Colby demonstrates his knowledge of the show and why he belongs on Survivor.

Russell Hantz on His Family’s New Show, Tony and Survivor Cagayan

June 2, 2014
Guest: Russell Hantz
Russell talks in an NSFW podcast about his new reality show "Holding Hantz," as well as Tony Vlachos's recent win in Survivor: Cagayan.

Predicting Who Will Win Survivor Based on Casting Type with Angie Caunce

June 4, 2014
Guest: Angie Caunce
Angie presents to Rob her categories of casting types based on her research, as well as which types tend to do the best and worst overall.

Mr. Survivor, Malcolm Freberg, on His New Project: ‘Wayfaring’

June 18, 2014
Guest: Malcolm Freberg
Malcolm talks to Rob about "Wayfaring," a new travel project where the audience determines where he goes and what he does next.

Ranking the Top 9 Most VILE Moments in Survivor History

June 20, 2014
Guest: Judy Swartz
Judy presents to Rob what she believes are the nine most disgusting moments in Survivor thus far. At the end, Rob attempts to rank the nine moments from most to least vile.

Revealing the Results of the Survivor Top 20 Players of All Time Poll

June 24, 2014
Guest: Curt Clark, Kos Kosdrovsky
Curt reveals the updated rankings for the Top 20 Survivor players as voted on by the fans. Kos, who did the ranking in 2011, provides color commentary.

Survivor All-Time Most Underrated Player Draft

June 30, 2014
Guest: Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, Malory Beazley
In response to the top 20 players being revealed in the previous off-season podcast, Rob brings together Josh, Antonio, and Malory to each draft teams of "underrated" players who fall outside of the top 30. The listeners were then encouraged to vote for who they thought had the best drafted team at the end of the podcast.

The 8 Seasons You SHOULD Rewatch This Summer

July 9, 2014
Guest: Mike Bloom
Mike tells Rob about eight Survivor seasons that come off better on a rewatch. He includes: The Australian Outback, Marquesas, Thailand, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Exile Island, Gabon, and Nicaragua.
Trivia: The results of the fan vote of who had the best draft from the previous off-season podcasts were revealed at the very end of this podcast.

The Key Elements of a Great Survivor Challenge with Myles Nye

July 16, 2014
Guest: Myles Nye
Rob and Myles Nye, a former consultant for the challenge department, sat down to discuss the ins and outs of Survivor challenges, including some of Myles's favorite challenges, challenges where contestants outsmarted the game, and the different array of combat challenges that have come about.

Investigating Survivor’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ with Gordon Holmes

July 23, 2014
Guest: Gordon Holmes
Gordon and Rob discussed some of the "unsolved mysteries" that still exist in Survivor, in the theme of the early 1990's TV show of the same name.

How to Answer the 15 Questions that Get Asked by Survivor Jurors

July 30, 2014
Guest: Catherine Lucas
Catherine, an RHAP blogger, discusses the 15 types of jury questions that she categorized after watching every Final Tribal Council, as well as the best answers to give for each type of question.

Epic Twistory: The Best & the Worst of Survivor’s Biggest Twists

August 23, 2014
Guest: Kos Kosdrovsky
Rob and Kos walk through the Survivor twists that have occurred thus far and whether they ended up benefiting or hurting the game.

Poker Pro Jason Somerville on the Probability of Survivor

September 22, 2014
Guest: Jason Somerville
Jason brings his findings from a summer-long Survivor research project, using statistical analysis to answer a number of questions, including: "Is the founder of an alliance more likely to get voted out than the other members?", "Are players who sit out during challenges at increased risk of being voted out?", and "Is the player who wins the game more likely to come from the first tribe to get fire?"

Survivor: The Walking Dead – Which Character is the Sole Survivor?

October 21, 2014
Guest: Josh Wigler
In honor of Halloween, Rob and Josh cast a Survivor season of characters from The Walking Dead and simulate how that season would play out.

Jonny Fairplay’s “E! True Hollywood Story” Experience

November 18, 2014
Guest: Jonny Fairplay
Fairplay talked with Rob about his recent appearance on "E! True Hollywood Story: Life After Reality," which focused on the post-show lives of several pertinent reality stars.

Rob Has a Casting-Cast: Ken Raskoff on the Challenges of Casting Survivor

November 23, 2014
Guest: Ken Raskoff
Rob talks with Ken Raskoff, who formerly worked on Survivor casting, on the casting process and the trials and tribulations that casting faces every season.

Survivor Hall of Fame: What’s the Best Tribal Council Ever with Gordon Holmes

December 8, 2014
Guest: Gordon Holmes
Gordon discussed the new ballot format for this year's edition of the "Survivor Hall of Fame".


Survivor 2015: Casting an All-Stars Version of Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar

January 20, 2015
Guest: Gordon Holmes
Rob and Gordon cast an all-stars season using the "White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar" theme from the upcoming Survivor: Worlds Apart.

Malcolmcast | An Interview with Mr. Survivor

January 29, 2015
Guest: Malcolm Freberg
Rob catches up with two-time player and Mr. Survivor 2014 Malcolm Freberg about his life and his thoughts about the current Mr. Survivor campaign.

EW’s Dalton Ross on Survivor 30, Celeb Apprentice & More

February 12, 2015
Guest: Dalton Ross
Rob catches up with Dalton about his thoughts on the upcoming Survivor: Worlds Apart, as well as the current seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice and The Walking Dead.

Survivor 2015: TV Guide’s Rob Moynihan on Writing Survivor’s Oral History

February 24, 2015
Guest: Rob Moynihan
Rob talks with TV Guide's Rob Moynihan about his recent feature "The Oral History of Survivor".

Survivor Historian Mario Lanza

June 9, 2015
Guest: Mario Lanza
Survivor author and host of the "Survivor Historians" podcast Mario Lanza talks about his new book When It Was Worth Playing For and his thoughts about the current state of the show.

State of Survivor with The Tribe’s John Norton

June 16, 2015
Guest: John Norton
John Norton of "The Tribe" podcast gives his thoughts on where the Survivor franchise is after 30 seasons and what it can do moving forward.

Infamous Exit Interviews

June 17, 2015
Guests: None
Rob dives into the archives to pull out some of his most famous and infamous exit interviews from Survivor and Big Brother.

NOW! That’s What I Call Survivor Music: Volume 1

June 22, 2015
Guests: Tim Ahlin, Ryan Elder
Tim Ahlin from "The Tribe" podcast (also known as "Shut Up, Tim," songwriter for RHAP) and Ryan Elder, professional composer and co-host on the "Snakes, Rats, and Goats" podcast (songwriter for RHAP) count down the most musical moments from Survivor on the fictional TRUQ 108 radio show.

Catching up with Miss Survivor, Natalie Anderson

June 24, 2015
Guest: Natalie Anderson
Rob catches up with Survivor: San Juan Del Sur winner and Miss Survivor 2015 Natalie Anderson to discuss what she has done since winning and her summer plans.

Survivor Off-Season: Does a Season Premiere Predict a Survivor Winner?

June 30, 2015
Guest: Paul Asleson
Paul Asleson from "The Tribe" and "Survivor Historians" podcasts joins Rob to talk about the different ways a Survivor season premiere portrays its winner.

Survivor Off-Season: Picking the Pre-Merge Episodes of a Perfect Season

July 17, 2015
Guest: Mike Bloom
Rob and Mike draft the "perfect Survivor premerge" by picking the best episode 1, episode 2, etc. from the first 30 seasons.

13 Survivor Statistical Questions with Poker Pro Jason Somerville

August 11, 2015
Guest: Jason Somerville
Jason Somerville uses statistical analysis to once again answer thirteen questions about Survivor such as: "Does the opening sequence spoil how well Survivor players do?", "What careers have the highest probability of winning Survivor?", and "What is the optimal strategy concerning the Hidden Immunity Idol?"

The Best & Worst of Survivor Twists From Around the World

August 17, 2015
Guest: Jessica Liese
Rob and Jessica discusses several different twists from international editions of Survivor and whether they would work on the American version.

Survivor 2015: Rob Quantum Leaps Through Survivor History!

September 1, 2015
Guest: Kos Kosdrovsky
Rob and Kos look at several pivotal moments in Survivor history and discuss the repercussions of what would happen if said moments went another direction.

Vote NOW on Your Top 30 Survivor Season Rankings

September 11, 2015
Guest: Curt Clark
Rob and Curt officially kick off the survey for the RHAP audience to rank the first 30 seasons of Survivor, in preparation for the rankings to be revealed before the beginning of Survivor: Cambodia.

Survivor Top 30 All-Time Season Rankings Results

September 21, 2015
Guests: Josh Wigler, Curt Clark
In celebration of the finished release of The Evolution of Strategy, Curt reveals the season rankings from the first 30 Survivor seasons as tabulated from the RHAP audience. In addition, Rob revealed his own personal season rankings and how they compare.


NFL QB Survivor: Which Quarterback Would Win?

January 7, 2016
Guest: Akiva Wienerkur
Akiva Wienerkur, co-host of the Seinfeld podcast on Post Show Recaps and the "32 Fans in 32 Days" sports podcast, casts a Survivor season with NFL quarterbacks.

Casting Big Brother onto Survivor | with Eric Stein

January 19, 2016
Guest: Eric Stein
Rob and Eric discuss which Big Brother players from the past 17 seasons would do well on Survivor, in line with the casting of Big Brother 16 player Caleb Reynolds.

Casting “Survivor: Third Time’s A Charm” with Gordon Holmes

January 28, 2016
Guest: Gordon Holmes
In line with their other casting podcasts, Rob and Gordon cast a season of two-time players to fill a fictional "Third Time's a Charm" season, which was discussed heavily in coverage of Survivor: Cambodia.

An Intro to the Sociology of Survivor with David Lay

February 4, 2016
Guest: David Lay
David Lay, a sociology professor at the University of Mississippi, discusses the role of sociology on Survivor, including some of the things that players tell us about the way they see the world, what Survivor can tell us about society, and much more.

Survivor Feud: Wine & Cheese vs. Dirty 30

February 5, 2016
Guests: Eliza Orlins, Stephen Fishbach, Sophie Clarke, Courtney Yates, Brian Corridan, Max Dawson, Jenn Brown, So Kim, Mike Holloway, Tyler Fredrickson
Members of the "Wine and Cheese Alliance" square off against members of the "Dirty 30" AKA the Survivor: Worlds Apart cast in a Survivor-themed version of Family Feud.

What Makes a Survivor Tribe Division Twist Work?

February 8, 2016
Guest: Angie Caunce
In preparation for the next "Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty" season, Angie and Rob take a look at what are the most successful ways to divide tribes.

The Price is Right | Survivor Edition

May 23, 2016
Guests: Scott Green, Mike Bloom
Rob, Scott, and Mike break down the Survivor-themed primetime episode of The Price is Right.

Boston Rob, Fishbach, Tyson & Anna Khait at Run It Up Reno LIVE!

May 27, 2016
Guests: Tyson Apostol, Rob Mariano, Stephen Fishbach, Anna Khait, Jason Somerville
Rob presents a live podcast at Jason Somerville’s "Run It Up Reno" Poker Event.
Trivia: The panel discussing Coach Wade was featured on the "Counting Down the Top 10 Funniest RHAP Moments of 2016" end of year podcast.

Inside Reality TV Post Production with Molly Shock

June 1, 2016
Guest: Molly Shock
Rob talks with Molly Shock, an editor on such shows as Project Runway, Top Chef, Last Comic Standing, and Survivor, on how a reality show undergoes post-production.

Demystifying Edgic: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

June 6, 2016
Guest: Zach Vosseler
Rob talks with Zach Vosseler about "Edgic," a system used to analyze the edit of a season of Survivor to try and determine the eventual winner.

Negotiating Survivor: 3 Crucial Deal-Making Strategies

June 12, 2016
Guest: Mike Botta
Rob talks with Mike Botta, an expert on negotations, for a closer look at three of the most important principals of a negotiation strategy and how they apply to the Survivor game.

A Survivor Fan’s Introduction to Watching Big Brother

June 16, 2016
Guest: Jordan Parhar
Rob is joined by Jordan to discuss why a Survivor fan should give Big Brother a chance for the first time. On this episode, Rob and Jordan will discuss:
  • What are the rules of Big Brother and how does the week play out?
  • Does a viewer need to watch all 3 episodes a week?
  • What are the major differences from Survivor?
  • What are some selling points about why somebody SHOULD watch Big Brother at all?
  • Do you have to watch the live feeds?
  • What kind of coverage does RHAP do for Big Brother and how is different than Survivor?
Ranking Survivor’s Most Iconic 6-Person Tribes with Mike Bloom June 19, 2016
Guest: Mike Bloom

Rob welcomes back Mike  for a countdown of Survivor’s most iconic 6-person tribes. They rank 15 tribes across 5 seasons with 3-tribe formats (with a brief mention of the 6-person tribes used in Survivor: Cambodia) using the following criteria:

  • Memorability / Legacy
  • Challenge Performance
  • Overall Story of the Characters
The Mark Burnett of Survivor Brooklyn on His Latest Season with Sophie & Andrea June 27, 2016
Guest: Matt Pavlovich

Rob welcomes Matt Pavlovich to the studio to discuss the live Survivor games he has created. He most recently uploaded "Survivor: Brooklyn Season 4" which features Sophie Clarke and Andrea Boehlke as players and introduces us to one of the contestants who will be appearing on Survivor 33.

Matt discusses how he starting creating Survivor games to play with friends, the challenges that goes in to filming a Survivor season in a day and what we can expect to watching Andrea and Sophie play in the same season.

The Anatomy of a Merge Vote with Colin Stone July 5, 2016
Guest: Colin Stone

In every Survivor season, there comes a critical junction where the tribes become one and the game becomes individual. The first vote after the merge is typically a good predictor of which group will make it to the end of the game. Colin Stone from the Dom & Colin podcast joins Rob to discuss all the parts of the equation that lead a side to decide to make the decision on who to vote for.

RHAPcon 2016 Chicago | Survivor Panel Podcast July 12, 2016
Guest: Spencer Bledsoe , Alexis Maxwell,  Darnell Hamilton

Rob is joined by Survivor: Cambodia Finalist Spencer Bledsoe, Survivor: Cagayan’s Alexis Maxwell and Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’s Darnell Hamilton to discuss behind the scenes happenings from their respective Survivor seasons and answer questions from the sold out audience at DePaul University in Chicago during the first every RHAPCon.

Countdown: 25 Survivor Sound Clips Made Famous by ‘The Evolution of Strategy’ August 1,2016 
Guest: Megan Ziemianski 

Rob is joined by RHAP Historian, Megan Ziemianski to share her countdown of 25 sound clips made popular by "The Evolution of Strategy". These new clips will be added to the RHAP sound board for future use on the podcast.  

Hacking Survivor Challenges: Emergent Challenge Strategy with Myles Nye August 8,2016 
Guest: Myles Nye

Rob is joined by Myles to discuss some of the most successful strategies used (or that could be used) by the players on Survivor in notable challenges past.

 Statistical Ranking of the Top 20 Losing Survivor Finalists August 17, 2016 
Guest: Azrael Rose 

Rob is joined by RHAP listerner Azrael Rose to present his statiscal system of ranking Survivor losing finalists.

 Drafting for the Winner of a Survivor First Boot Season August 24, 2016 
Guest: Angie Caunce, Curt ClarkSarah Freeman

Rob is joined by Angie Caunce, Curt Clark and Sarah Freeman to draft teams of players to find the winner of the a survivor season cast with all the first boots.

 Understanding the Gap Between Millennials & Gen X with Jamie Gutfreund August 29, 2016 
Guest: Jamie Gutfreund

Rob is joined by Wunderman CMO, Jamie Gutfreund to discuss the fundamental differences between Millennials and Gen X’ers, in anticipation for the premiere of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. In addition, Jamie will try to predict how this season of Survivor may unfold by discussing the ways millennials view the world and how millennials and Gen X’ers interact.

 Mario Lanza on Volume 3 of the Survivor Funny 115 November 14, 2016 
Guest: Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza, author of the Survivor Funny 115 and creator of the Survivor Historians podcast, talks to Rob about the release of third edition of the Funny 115, including the process for his choosing and creation of entries.



 Survivor Think Tank 2 January 4, 2017 
Guest: Stephen Fishbach

In preparation for the third edition of the "Survivor Think Tank," Rob re-posts the second edition, which he recorded with Stephen back in 2014, where they dissected more twist ideas for Survivor submitted by the listeners.

Trivia: This podcast was originally posted on September 6, 2014 and was previously an exclusive to patrons of Rob Has a Podcast.
 Remembering Dan Kay – Tributes from Randy Bailey & Kenny Hoang January 5, 2017 
Guests: Randy Bailey, Ken Hoang

Randy Bailey and Ken Hoang discuss their Survivor: Gabon castmate and friend, Dan Kay, who tragically passed away this past week. The guys share some of their stories from playing Survivor with Dan.

 Survivor Think Tank 3 January 11, 2017 
Guest: Stephen Fishbach

In the third edition of the "Survivor Think Tank," Rob and Stephen take suggestions from the listeners as to twists for the 35th and 36th seasons of Survivor.

 Counting Down the 10 Funniest Survivor Drunk Moments January 20, 2017 
Guest: Jon Krause

Rob is joined by "So You Think You Can Podcast" contestant Jon Krause to countdown 10 of Survivor 's funniest moments involving contestants who had too much to drink.|

 Survivor’s 20 Most Famous Last Words with Mike Bloom February 2, 2017 
Guest: Mike Bloom

Rob Cesternino is joined by Mike Bloom to countdown the 20 most famous Final Words in Survivor history.

 Erin Cebula on ET Canada’s Game Changers Coverage & Gillain Larson on Reality Rally 2017 February 23, 2017 
Guests: Erin Cebula, Gillian Larson

In the first part of the podcast, Rob speaks with ET Canada's Erin Cebulla about her pre-game experience on the beach during the upcoming Survivor: Game Changers. In the second part, Rob talks with Gillian about her annual Reality Rally event in Temecula, CA from April 6-8.

 Rob & Josh Look Back at TEOS Chapter 20: Heroes vs. Villains March 4, 2017 
Guest: Josh Wigler

Rob and Josh look back on the Heroes vs. Villains chapter of The Evolution of Strategy, while also touching upon some new game rules for Survivor: Game Changers that came to light in Josh's recent Survivor articles.

 Survivor March Madness Best Winner Tournament: Selection Sunday (Burquest) Special March 11, 2017 
Guest: Akiva Wienerkur, Randy Knuppel

In honor of the March Madness tournament, Rob has a special two-part podcast episode to determine the greatest Survivor winner of all-time. In part 1 of this podcast, he reveals the official Best Winner Tournament bracket compiled by Randy Knuppel, using the combined winner rankings he received from Rob, Akiva Wienerkur, and himself.

 Survivor March Madness – Best Winner Tournament: Results Show March 19, 2017 
Guest: Akiva Wienerkur, Randy Knuppel

In a follow-up to the previous podcast, Rob, Akiva, and Randy take a look at the results of each matchup, and the final statement on the greatest Survivor winner of all time.

Trivia: The Survivor Supreme Court to determine the winners of each match-up consisted of: Shirin Oskooi, Spencer Bledsoe, Dawn Meehan, Mike Bloom, Dom & Colin, Megan Ziemanksi, Aaron Robertson, Alli Giancola, and Christine Radice.
 Counting Down the 20 Most Awkward Survivor Reunion Moments May 31, 2017 
Guest: Lindsay Wilson

Rob talks with Lindsay Wilson, previously the Sarah Lacina correspondent for the Survivor: Game Changers pre-season, talks about her top 20 most awkward moments from the various Survivor reunion shows.

 The Survivor Hot Take Off June 8, 2017 
Guests: Akiva Wienerkur, Liana Boraas

In an off-shoot of the "Hot Take Off" done on Akiva's "32 Fans" podcast, he, Rob, and Liana break down Survivor "hot takes" submitted by the listeners. They each scored the take on a scale from 1-10, and the person with the highest cumulative score would receive a podcast spot during the next season.

 The Psychology of the Survivor Social Game June 15, 2017 
Guest: Amanda Rabinowitz

Rob is joined by psychologist Amanda Rabinowitz to discuss various aspects of the role that psychology plays in the Survivor social game.

Why Survivor Fans Should Give Big Brother 19 a Try June 15, 2017 
Guest: Taran Armstrong

Taran Armstrong joins Rob to make a pitch to Survivor fans about why they should give Big Brother 19 a chance.

Mike Bloom's 15 Greatest Survivor Non-Playing Characters & Animals

June 17, 2017

Guest: Mike Bloom

Rob welcomes Mike Bloom back to the podcast to reveal his countdown of his favorite non-playing characters and animals from the 34 seasons of Survivor.

The 8 Types of Lies That Survivor Players Tell

June 25, 2017

Guest: Stephen Callaghen

Rob Cesternino is joined by RHAP listener Stephen Callaghen to discuss the 8 types of lies that Survivor players tell in the game.

The 15 Funniest Classic Jeff Probst Hosting Moments

July 10, 2017

Guest: Paul Asleson

Paul reveals his list of the 15 funniest Jeff Probst moments from the early seasons of Survivor.

Trivia: This podcast is based off a similar list Paul made for Julie Chen on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour.
Casting Game of Thrones: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers

August 2, 2017

Guests: Josh Wigler, Jon Reed

Josh, Rob's co-host on the Game of Thrones coverage on Post Show Recaps and Jon, host of the Nerdrotic podcast, cast their own season of "Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers" with characters from the show, and simulate a season.

Casting All-Star Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers with Gordon Holmes

August 8, 2017

Guests: Gordon Holmes

Rob and Gordon cast a season of Survivor using previous contestants with the upcoming "Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers" theme.

The Top 10 Greatest Moments of Survivors in the Buff

August 22, 2017

Guests: Jon Krause

Rob is joined by Jon to count down his list of the greatest moments featuring Survivor players “in the buff”.

Survivor Match Game | LIVE From the Hollywood Improv

October 6, 2017

Guests: Zeke Smith, David Wright, Aubry Bracco, Hannah Shapiro, Nick Maiorano, Aras Baskauskas

Rob hosts the first ever "Survivor Match Game," featuring a panel of castaways, live from the Hollywood Improv as part of the LA Podcast Festival.



 The 15 Greatest Survivor Post-Show Cameos of All-Time January 22, 2018
Guest: Vic Shuttee

Rob and "Hail Satire"'s Vic Shuttee count down the greatest (and weirdest) things Survivor players have done AFTER being on the show, using a variety of clips.

 Survivor: Loved Ones – A Fake Season Simulation with Mike Bloom June 7, 2018
Guest: Mike Bloom

Rob and Mike cast an entire season of people who served as loved ones in previous seasons, and talk through a generated simulation of how the season played out on

 Mario Lanza Talks ‘Staff Pick’ Movies, Survivor & More June 24, 2018
Guest: Mario Lanza

Rob talks with Mario about the third version of his Survivor Funny 115, as well as his new movie podcast "Staff Picks."

 Survivor: TEOS All-Stars | A Fake Season Simulation with Josh Wigler July 7, 2018
Guest: Josh Wigler

Rob  is back together with Josh to recreate a new (and fake) Survivor season based on the stand outs from THE EVOLUTION OF STRATEGY in , Survivor: TEOS All-Stars. In this episode Rob and Josh will report on every vote through 39 days of this fake season simulation that was run on

 Catching Up with Original Survivor, Dr. Sean Kenniff August 5, 2018
Guest: Sean Kenniff

Rob Cesternino is joined by one of the original Survivor castaways, Dr. Sean Kenniff. Rob talks with Dr. Sean about his experience getting on to the show, his time in that historic first season and some of his life lessons learned after the show.

First Boots | A Fake Season Simulation with Josh Wigler & Mike Bloom August 11, 2018
Guests: Josh Wigler , Mike Bloom

Rob is back together with Josh Wigler and Mike Bloom to create a new fake Survivor season based cast with the most memorable first boots in Survivor history.

The Survivor $100,000 PyRHAPmid August 22, 2018
Guests: Bret LaBelle, Kellyn Bechtold, Megan Z., Aaron Robertson, Myles Nye

Rob Cesternino is joined by Survivors Kellyn Bechtold & Bret Labelle along with Survivor fans Megan Ziemianski & Aaron Robertson to play the Survivor $100,000 PyRHAPmid. Myles Nye serves as judge and jury as the fans team up with the Survivor favorites

Hallmark Holiday Recap Special: “Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge” starring Wyatt Nash (formerly Matt Elrod) December 16, 2018
Guest: Ryan Pappolla

Longtime RHAP contributor, Ryan Pappola, takes a break from his work at WWE Digital to discuss his love of Hallmark Holiday films and specifically, “Karen Kingsbury’s: The Bridge”. “Karen Kingsbury’s: The Bridge” (Parts 1 & 2) stars Wyatt Nash (formerly Matt Elrod from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Rob and Ryan discuss Hallmark Holiday films as a genre, Wyatt Nash’s performance as the film’s lead and much more in a full recap of the 3-hours of adaptation of Karen Kingsbury’s work.

Survivor: Merry Christmas vs. Happy New Year with Mike Bloom December 22, 2018
Guest: Mike Bloom

To end the year, Rob and Mike simulate a fictional Survivor season that pits ten iconic Christmas characters against ten of the biggest characters from Survivor: Ghost Island and Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Trivia: This podcast served also served as the 2018 iteration of the annual RHAPpy Holidays show.


2018 Year In Review

January 14, 2019
Guests: Mike Bloom, Liana Boraas, Shannon Gaitz
Mike Bloom, Liana Boraas and Shannon Gaitz are back to talk about Survivor’s five 2018 seasons (Survivor: Ghost Island, Survivor South Africa: Philippines, Survivor New Zealand: Thailand, Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders and Survivor: David vs. Goliath) and go through your survey results. They discuss and rank the year’s best players, biggest characters, crazy moments and more.
Trivia: Rob Cesternino did not appear on this podcast.
 Dalton Ross on “The Ultimate Blindside” of Erik Reichenbach May 8, 2019
Guest: Dalton Ross

Rob is joined by Entertainment Weekly Survivor writer Dalton Ross to discuss his new 14,000 word essay on what he called the greatest Survivor moment ever: when Erik Reichenbach was fooled into giving up individual immunity at the final five of Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites, a moment that aired 11 years ago today.

 Talking with T-Bird: Helen Glover from Survivor: Thailand May 30, 2019
Guests: Helen Glover, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

Rob and T-Bird catch up with Survivor: Thailand castaway Helen Glover about her experience on her season, what she has been up to since then, and her feelings on modern Survivor.

Trivia: This served as the premiere podcast for "Talking with T-Bird," where Rob and T-Bird will habitually talk with old school castaways.
 Explaining Enneagrams with Colton Cumbie June 10, 2019
Guests: Colton Cumbie

Rob is joined by Survivor: One World and Survivor: Blood vs. Water contestant Colton Cumbie to learn about the enneagram.

Trivia: This podcast was paired with the final Wandoff of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.
 The Most Ingenious Moves by Survivor Winners with Peridiam June 13, 2019
Guests: Peridiam

Rob is joined by Survivor and Big Brother YouTuber Peridiam to talk about his latest and longest video series, entitled “The Most Ingenious Moves by Survivor Winners” where he goes through many of the greatest moves that led former players to win the game. Rob and Peridiam talk about his many videos in the series, discuss the moves, and much more..

 Talking with T-Bird: Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick June 20, 2019
Guests: Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick from Survivor: Palau, Guatemala, and Heroes vs. Villains about what her life has been like since her time on the island.

 Talking with T-Bird: Gretchen Cordy July 2, 2019  
Guests: Gretchen Cody, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Gretchen Cordy from Survivor: Borneo about what her life has been like since her time on the island.

 Talking with T-Bird: Kelly Goldsmith July 11, 2019  
Guests: Kelly Goldsmith, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Kelly Goldsmith from Survivor: Africa about what her life has been like since her time on the island.

 Talking with T-Bird: Judd Sergeant July 22, 2019  
Guests: Judd Sergeant, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Judd Sergeant from Survivor: Guatemala about what his life has been like since his season.

 Talking with T-Bird: Sean Rector July 29, 2019  
Guests: Sean Rector, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Sean Rector from Survivor: Marquesas about what his life has been like since his season and his thoughts on the franchise today.

 Talking with T-Bird: Scout Cloud Lee August 3, 2019  
Guests: Scout Cloud Lee, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Scout Cloud Lee from Survivor: Vanuatu about what her life has been like since her season.

 Brice Izyah’s 2020 Zaddy Calendar Reveal August 5, 2019  
Guests: Brice Izyah

Rob is joined by Brice Izyah in a bonus podcast where he reveals his picks of the cover stars for the 2020 Zaddy Calendar.

Trivia: This podcast also announced Purple Pants Podcast, a new weekly podcast from Brice on Reality TV RHAP-Ups.
 Talking with T-Bird: Robb Zbacnik August 13, 2019  
Guests: Robb Zbacnik, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Robb Zbacnik from Survivor: Thailand about what his life has been like since his season.

Talking with T-Bird: Rodger Bingham August 18, 2019  
Guests: Roger Bingham, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Rodger Bingham from Survivor: The Australian Outback about what his life has been like since his season.

Talking with T-Bird: Ami Cusack August 25, 2019  
Guests: Ami Cusack, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Ami Cusack  from Survivor: Vanuatu and Micronesia about what her life has been like since her season.

Talking with T-Bird: Frank Garrison August 31, 2019  
Guests: Frank Garrison, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Frank Garrison  from Survivor: Africa about what his life has been like since his season.

Survivor: LOST | A Fake Season Simulation with Josh Wigler & Mike Bloom September 3, 2019  
Guests: Josh Wigler, Mike Bloom

Rob Cesternino is finally back with Josh Wigler and Mike Bloom to bring you another fake Survivor season simulation on BrantSteele. Since Josh and Mike are in the midst of their LOST re-watch podcast called LOST: Down the Hatch over on Post Show Recaps. The podcast follows a fake season of Survivor featuring characters from the first season of LOST.

Talking with T-Bird: Shii-Ann Huang and Natalie Bolton September 19, 2019  
Guests: Shii-Ann Huang, Natalie Bolton, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Shii-Ann Huang  from Survivor: Thailand and All-Stars and Natalie Bolton from Survivor: Micronesia about what their lives have been like since their seasons.



Talking with T-Bird: Vecepia Towery January 19, 2020  
Guests: Vecepia Towery, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

As part of the "Talking with T-Bird" series, Rob and T-Bird catch up with Vecepia Towery, winner of Survivor: Marquesas about what her life has been like since her season.

Survivor: Winners at Peace – A Brant Steele Simulation with Mike Bloom January 26, 2020  
Guest: Mike Bloom

Rob Cesternino is back together with Mike Bloom to create a new fake Survivor season based around the cast of Survivor: Winners Not at War. We’ve got the 18 Survivor winners not chosen plus million dollar recipient Rupert Boneham and a Pearl Islands only edition of Sandra Diaz-Twine in SURVIVOR: WINNERS AT PEACE.

The Masked Survivor January 30, 2020  
Guests: Akiva Wienerkur, Kirsten MacInnis, Pooya Zand Vakili

Two weeks before the premiere of Survivor: Winners at War, Rob Cesternino brings you a fun bonus podcast where they play a game of The Masked Singer, the hit FOX series, but with a twist. The big twist is that instead of singers, our contestants are all former Survivor players. To predict who is each of these masked Survivor players, Rob was joined by the co-host of “Rob and Akiva Need a Podcast” Akiva Wienerkur, Big Brother live feed updater and co-host of the Love Island RHAP-up Kirsten MacInnis, and Big Brother live feed updater and co-host of The Masked Singer RHAP-up Pooya Zand Vakili.

Trivia: The podcast was based on the episode "The Masked RAANAPer" from Rob and Akiva Need a Podcast.
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