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Mike Bloom is a podcaster in the RHAP community.


According to Bloom's bio on Post Show Recaps[1]: "Mike Bloom is a Manhattanite and a podcaster for various shows on Rob Has a Podcast and Post Show Recaps, along with the long-running Survivor Historians podcast. He was voted "Most Likely to Be a Hufflepuff" by every person he's ever met. Mike also once tried to emulate a hip hop dancer in a Wendy's commercial. Twitter: @AMikeBloomType."

Rob Has a Podcast[]


Bloom has appeared on the voicemails segment of the recap podcasts during Cagayan,[2] San Juan Del Sur,[3] Worlds Apart,[4] Cambodia,[5] Kaoh Rong,[6] two podcasts during Millennials vs. Gen X,[7][8] and Game Changers.[9] He has also appeared on the offseason podcasts "The 8 Seasons You SHOULD Rewatch This Summer" in July 2014, "Picking the Pre-Merge Episodes of a Perfect Season" in July 2015, a live recap after the primetime Survivor edition of The Price is Right,[10] Ranking Survivor’s Most Iconic 6-Person Tribes in summer 2016, and Survivor’s 20 Most Famous Last Words in February 2017. Bloom filled in for Rob Cesternino on "Why ____ Lost" after episode 3 of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.[11]

Last Comic Standing[]

Bloom is the cohost of the Last Comic Standing podcast with Rob Cesternino, which has so far covered seasons 8 & 9 of the NBC reality show.

Celebrity Apprentice[]

Bloom became cohost of coverage of The Celebrity Apprentice starting with the 2015 edition.

Big Brother[]

Bloom has appeared on the Big Brother Canada 3 cast preview,[12]; the "Big Brother Think Tank" podcast with Rob Cesternino, Spencer Clawson, and Ian Terry[13]; and podcasts covering the 35th episode of Big Brother 16[14], the third week of Big Brother Canada 4[15], and the 29th episode of Big Brother 18[16]. He also guest hosted a Big Brother Canada 3 podcast in lieu of Cesternino attending New Media Expo.[17]

The Amazing Race[]

Bloom filled in for Cesternino during episode 4 of The Amazing Race 26[18], episode 8 of The Amazing Race 27[19], and episode 8 of The Amazing Race 28.[20]

Other Shows[]

Bloom and Cesternino did a retrospective on the reality TV series The Mole, which had recently had the fifteenth anniversary of its first season premiere.[21] He appeared on a segment during RHAPpy Holidays 2016 where he talked about Survivor-themed holiday recipes and decorations.[22]

Post Show Recaps[]

Bloom a co-host of many shows on Post Show Recaps, both past and present. He has covered a number of other shows non-episodically in a series of "one time" podcasts, including: the television special Grease Live,[23] The Wire on the anniversary of the entire series being released on Blu-Ray,[24] the film Pitch Perfect 2,[25] The Last Man on Earth, Silicon Valley, the Fast and the Furious franchise, the Comedy Central roast of Justin Beiber,[26] The Office on the anniversary of its premiere,[27], Community, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Girls, Broad City, Black Mirror, and Gracepoint. He was also one of the co-hosts of "LOST Lives", a LOST retrospective series, with Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, AJ Mass, and Jo Garfein. Bloom appeared on "Most Shows Recapped" covering the Netflix series Master of None, both the nineteenth season of South Park and NBC's The Wiz Live[28], and a slew of currently-airing comedies in the omnibus "Mike Bloom's Comedy Room."[29]

Bloom has filled in on several episodes of the Fargo podcast, the Amy Adams[30], Elizabeth Banks[31], Jonah Hill[32], and Julia Louis-Dreyfus[33] episodes of the Saturday Night Live podcast, one episode of the Better Call Saul podcast,[34], and two episodes of the Mr. Robot podcast.[35][36]

Current Shows[]

Past Shows[]

Reality TV RHAP-Ups[]

Bloom has hosted RHAP-related content through Reality TV RHAP-Ups, including Miss Survivor 2015 and Mr. Survivor 2015 reaction shows with Jessica Liese and Haley Strong[37][38] and podcasts covering the various campaigns for Survivor: Cambodia leading up to the vote reveal with Jessica Liese and Akiva Wienerkur.[39][40] He is also one of the co-hosts of the Top Chef roundtable, a recurring podcast that covers seasons 12 and 13 of Top Chef with Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, and Curt Clark. Beginning in 2016, Bloom began to podcast about the ABC reality show Shark Tank with Jasmeet Sidhu, as well as the LOGO show RuPaul's Drag Race with Ali Lasher and Brent Wolgamott.

Bloom has appeared on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour to talk the week before the finale of Big Brother 17[41], episode 6 of Survivor: Cambodia,[42] a series retrospective of American Idol,[43] a recap of the 1997 film Batman and Robin,[44] and an analysis of every post-Super Bowl TV episode with Akiva Wienerkur.[45] He guest hosted the RHAPpy hour in lieu of Jordan Parhar's absence, ranking the Top 10 Big Brother Canada players with the RHAP live feed correspondents.[46] He also dually recapped episode 5 of The Amazing Race Canada 2 and the premiere of The Amazing Race Australia 3[47] and filled in during episodes 3 and 4 of The Amazing Race Canada 3 podcast with Dan Heaton.[48][49] He also did a cumulative ranking of the first 27 seasons of The Amazing Race in February 2016 with Jessica Liese and Dan Heaton.[50] Bloom appeared with his wife Angela on the finale podcast of Are You The One? 's fourth season.[51]

RHAP B&B: A Survivor Fun & Games Podcast[]

For Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, Mike began the RHAP B&B podcast for Reality TV RHAP-ups with his RuPaul's Drag Race RHAPup co-host Liana Boraas.[52]

Other Information[]

  • Bloom is one of the co-hosts of the Survivor Historians podcast.
  • Bloom performed the parody songs "The 12 Days of Kaoh Rang" on RHAPpy Holidays 2015 and the "RHAP Hanukkah Song" on RHAPpy Holidays 2016.
  • As of April 5, 2016, Bloom has done 40 podcasts with Rob Cesternino.[53]


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