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Liana Boraas is an RHAP podcaster and former competitor on "So You Think You Can Podcast."


According to Liana's bio from Rob Has a Website:[1] "Despite being a scientist with a PhD in biomedical engineering, Liana's only marketable skill appears to be talking about reality television. She lives in New Orleans, LA and travels exclusively via scooter. Crazy cat lady and 3rd place loser in So You Think You Can Podcast. Twitter: @LianaBoraas"

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Liana served as one of the co-hosts for coverage of the CBS show Hunted with Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark in the beginning of 2017. She also appeared as one of the "Game Changer Experts" in the lead-up to Survivor: Game Changers, going in-depth with Rob about the previous games of contestant Cirie Fields.[2] Liana then appeared on the Survivor voicemails after the fourth episode of Game Changers,[3] as well as serve as a judge for the Survivor "Hot Take Off" with Rob and Akiva Wienerkur.[4]

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

RuPaul's Drag RaceEdit

Liana was brought on to the RuPaul's Drag Race coverage in 2017 during season 9 with Mike Bloom and Brent Wolgamott, serving as a replacement for Ali Lasher.

So You Think You Can PodcastEdit

Liana was one of the contenders in "So You Think You Can Podcast," a competition deemed to find the newest live feed correspondent out of a pool of contestants. In a draft among the current live feed correspondents, she found herself on the team of Brent Wolgamott, who served as her coach and adviser throughout the competition. Liana was on the following podcasts during her time in the competition:

RHAP B&B: A Survivor Fun & Games Podcast Edit

For Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers, Liana began the RHAP B&B podcast for Reality TV RHAP-ups with her RuPaul's Drag Race RHAPup co-host Mike Bloom.[5]

Other AppearancesEdit

Liana was a guest on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour to do a pre-season draft of the castaways on Survivor: Game Changers with Jordan Parhar, Adam Buongiovanni, and Pooya Zand Vakili.[6]

Other InformationEdit


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