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Jordan Kalish is the co-host of the weekly "This Week in Survivor History" segment.

Rob Has a PodcastEdit


Kalish's "This Week in Survivor History" segment began as a blog posted during Survivor: Cagayan. It took a look at events that happened during the week of the most recently aired episode in past Survivor seasons. Beginning on March 20, 2014,[1] Kalish's blog post transitioned to a podcast a segment between the recap and voicemails section on the weekly Survivor podcast. Beginning in the middle of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, "This Week in Survivor History" moved to the weekly exit interview podcast. Starting with Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, the segment took on a different format, where Kalish would pose trivia questions to Rob about episodes that premiered during that week in seasons past. Kalish made a rare non-"TWiSH" appearance as a "Game Changer Expert" in the lead up to Survivor: Game Changers, talking about the 11 things he loves about contestant Tony Vlachos.[2]

Other ShowsEdit

Kalish blogged for The Celebrity Apprentice during the 2012 edition, making appearances on podcasts on April 30[3] and May 12[4], as well as April 7, 2013 after an episode of the 2013 All-Stars edition.[5]

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Kalish appeared on the "Rise and Fall" series, discussing the short-lived CBS reality show Pirate Master.[6]

Other InformationEdit

  • Kalish is one of the co-writers of the parody songs "What Does the Llama Say?", "Burp it Off", "Hello, Peih-Gee", and "Doctor Peter".
  • A recurring joke has come up on the "This Week in Survivor History" podcasts where Rob Cesternino will purposely mangle the pronunciation of Kalish's last name.
  • Another recurring joke is the similarities between Kalish and Spencer Bledsoe's voices. This came to fruition during one week of Survivor: Worlds Apart, where Bledsoe allegedly appeared on the segment pretending to be Kalish.


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