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David Bloomberg is the creator of the former reality TV website "Reality News Online", as well as the Reality TV Halls of Fame and Shame. He is currently the co-host of the Survivor podcast "Why _____ Lost".

Rob Has a Podcast[]


Bloomberg first appeared on RHAP on February 20, 2015 to talk about "What Worlds Apart Survivors Definitely SHOULD Have Learned" shortly before the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart. He then had a guest stint on the voicemails section of the recap episode during Episode 11 of Worlds Apart.[1]

Starting in Survivor: Cambodia, Bloomberg began to appear weekly on a podcast called "Why _____ Lost". The podcast, a take on a column he previously wrote on "Reality News Online," uses his rules (see below) to analyze the game of the person most recently voted off.

In Chapter 6, Part 1 of The Evolution of Strategy, Rob Cesternino mentioned that he was a follower of Bloomberg's site prior to his appearance on Survivor: The Amazon.

Other Information[]

  • David's "rules" per his strategy manifesto are:
    • 1. "Scheme and plot"
    • 2. "Don’t scheme and plot too much", or "Keep scheming secret and don’t backstab until you need to"
    • 3. "Be flexible"
    • 4. "Don’t let your emotions control you"
    • 5. "Pretend to Be Nice/Play the Social Game (and Keep Your Politics and Controversial Beliefs to Yourself)"
    • 6. "Don’t be too much of a threat"
    • 7. "Vote out the weak, then the strong, then weak, then strong"
    • Appendix A. "Do whatever it takes to get idols"
    • Appendix B. "The Jury Phase"


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