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Curt Clark is the officially sanctioned RHAP "Tabulator," as well as a podcaster in the RHAP community.


According to Clark's bio from Post Show Recaps:[1] "Curt Clark is a grown-ass man who podcasts about the stories he sees on the TV. Rumors of a #ClarkCurse are treasonous and ill-advised. Follow Curt on Twitter @curtclark"

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Clark is the official "tabulator" of any and all polls or contests held on RHAP. This includes the annual Miss and Mr. Survivor competitions and one-off polls such as the 2014 edition of the Top 20 Greatest Survivor players,[2] Big Brother "Second Chancez" cast,[3] the Survivor 30 seasons ranking,[4] and RHAP projections for the cast of Survivor: Cambodia.[5]

Big BrotherEdit

Clark has appeared with Rob Cesternino on the main feed to recap the first two weeks of Big Brother UK 2014,[6][7] as well as the premieres of Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014[8] and Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015.[9] Clark came onto the podcast as a guest on the premiere podcast for Big Brother Canada 3[10] and during Big Brother 18 to discuss the participation of Frankie Grande and Aubry O'Day on Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016.[11]


Clark has appeared on voicemail podcasts during San Juan Del Sur[12] and Millennials vs. Gen X.[13] He was also one of the drafters on the offseason podcast "Drafting for the Winner of a Survivor First Boot Season" in August 2016.[14]

Other ShowsEdit

Clark has co-hosted a number of other shows for Rob Has a Podcast, including The Glass House, Whodunnit?, Opposite Worlds, The Quest, Utopia, and Hunted. He also filled in on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice 7.[15] Clark appeared on the podcast in June 2016 to talk about the YouTube reality show Escape the Night, which utilizes elements from Whodunnit?[16] In 2017, he appeared on the "RHAP-Ups Round Up" to talk about the coverage of Top Chef and Big Brother UK.[17]

Clark occasionally provides quizzes to Cesternino based on former Survivor players' Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts, or New Years' resolutions.[18][19][20][21]

Post Show RecapsEdit

Clark is the co-host of the Once Upon a Time and Wayward Pines podcasts on Post Show Recaps. He also appeared on an episode of "Most Shows Recapped" talking about the premiere of the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead.[22]

Current ShowsEdit

Past ShowsEdit

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Clark is the host of international Big Brother coverage for Reality TV RHAP-Ups. He covered the civilian and celebrity versions of Big Brother UK for 2014 and 2015, as well as the final season of Big Brother Australia. He co-hosted Big Brother UK podcasts with Malory Beazley until summer of 2015, when Mark Celera joined him as co-host. Amy H. (aka "RHAP Recapper") joined him for coverage of one season of Big Brother Australia, before it was cancelled. Though Big Brother UK coverage was put on hiatus in 2016, it returned in 2017 with Alex Kidwell serving as co-host.

Clark is one of the co-hosts of the Top Chef roundtable, a recurring podcast that covers seasons 12-14 of Top Chef with Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro, and Mike Bloom. Clark also appeared on an episode of the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour, recapping the 12th episode of Survivor: Cambodia.[23]

Other InformationEdit

  • Due to nearly all the shows Clark covers on the RHAP main feed being cancelled after one season, the term "Clark curse" has been created.
  • As of April 5, 2016, Clark has done 50 podcasts with Rob Cesternino.[24]


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