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The Rob Has a Podcast community has a lot of inside jokes, terms, and references that newcomers may find hard to keep track of. Those terms will be listed here.

All the Fixins[]

A term Survivor host Jeff Probst often applies to the end of his descriptions for food rewards (e.g. "Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, all the fixins!"). Often times used in jest to describe rewards on the podcast.

NOTE: Not to be confused with Max Dawson and Corinne Kaplan's Survivor podcast of the same name.

At the End of the Day[]

A common phrase used by Caleb "Beast Mode Cowboy" Reynolds during Big Brother 16. Every time the phrase is uttered, Rob tends to deliver it in his Caleb impression.

Basically, I'm a Bad Ass.[]

Drew Christy had a memorable boot episode in Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.  This is a statement that he made during one of his confessionals shortly before being voted out of his tribe.


A term that Terry Deitz used to refer to Joe Anglim and other alpha males during Survivor: Cambodia, as in, "What's up Brochachos?"  The term became popular on RHAP during the voicemail segment as a standard greeting/sign-off. The term regained prominence in Survivor: David vs. Goliaths and in related RHAP podcasts.

BR Rules[]

In Survivor: Caramoan, contestant Phillip Sheppard claimed he was utilizing a strategy called the "BR Rules," named after fellow contestant from Survivor: Redemption Island Rob Mariano. At the Caramoan reunion, Mariano announced he had published a book called "The Boston Rob Rulebook". Rob Cesternino owns a copy of the book and often ironically references it and the rules when discussing utilizing strategy from previous contestants.


In a takeoff on Stephen Fishbach's Fishy award (see below), the "Cesty" awards who Rob considers was the worst strategist in that episode of Survivor.


Often following the use of the word "chicken." The term originated during the recording of the China chapter of The Evolution of Strategy.  It refers to the exclamation by Steve "Chicken" Morris, who was the first person voted off that season.[1]

Dateable/Not Dateable[]

When getting booted from Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Kat Edorsson said in tears, "Nobody wants to date someone who doesn't make the merge," implying that her boyfriend Hayden Moss wouldn't date her anymore because she didn't make the merge. Since then, Rob has often referred to pre-merge boots and players who made the merge as undateable and dateable, respectively. However, he has made a caveat that if a woman is booted pre-merge, she is still dateable.

David Healy[]

A synonym for an erection. Commonly occurring when an attractive woman says a person's name.

Ding, Marry, Kill[]

In an effort to not have to give every podcast the explicit rating, Rob and Nicole created their own rendition of the game "[Expletive], Marry, Kill." It is called "Ding, Marry, Kill," in honor of their podcast bell, and is often played with contestants on Survivor, though it has gone on to include seasons and shows..

Donny Douche[]

Rob's nickname for Donald Trump Jr. from The Celebrity Apprentice podcasts.

Dork O' Gram []

Nicole's term for a venn diagram.

Double D[]

Nicole's nickname for Danielle DiLorenzo, a clever and subtle reference to her larger-than-life boobs and her initials.


During the podcast with John Fincher, Rob, Nicole, and he all made a list of potential girlfriends for him, similar to The Bachelor. It has been referenced multiple times since.


The virtual award that Stephen Fishbach gives to, in his opinion, the best strategist of the episode in his blogs for PEOPLE Magazine. For a period of time, Rob utilized the "Fishy Fishy" jingle for McDonald's Fish McBites when discussing the Fishy award.[2]

Five-Hole []

Any time an Amazing Race contestant is completely terrible at a task directly related to something they do for a living (and/or for which they are famous). Named for Amazing Race: Canada Season 2 contestants Natalie and Meaghan, who had won gold medals in ice hockey at the 2014 Winter Olympics, but who were inexplicably unable to shoot a puck into the five-hole during a hockey-related challenge at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg.

The FLOP[]

An Acronym standing for First Lady of Podcasting, the official title of Nicole Cesternino.

Freakiest Freak[]

Brice Izyah, aka, the purple-pants bad-ass, was a contestant from Survivor: Cagayan who appeared on the voicemails with Rob during Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.[3] During this appearance, Rob played a song that Brice has recorded, "Freak."[4] Following a question from Austin Vine, Brice named the Freakiest Freak from the current season. This has led to an annual tradition of Brice naming the Freakiest Freak of the season. The community often attributes the title to people they deem worthy.

Freakiest Freak by Season[]

  • Dale Wentworth, "farmguy69"--San Juan Del Sur
  • Jenn Brown, "the honeypot"--Worlds Apart
  • Keith Nale, "size sixteen"--Cambodia
  • Debbie Wanner, "puzzle lover"--Kaoh Rong
  • Taylor Lee Stocker, "homeboy with the baby"--Millennials vs. Gen X
  • Troyzan Robertson, "Instagram Live and a tight rope"--Game Changers
  • Devon Pinto, "Pickles!!!!!"--Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
  • Angela Perkins, "Sgt. Deepthroat"--Ghost Island
  • Kara Kay, "Kare Bear"--David vs. Goliath
  • Wardog DaSilva, "where the dogs at?"--Edge of Extinction
  • Janet Carbin, "motha Janet"--Island of the Idols
  • Ben Driebergen, "Cowboy"--Winners at War
  • Ricard Foye, "Baby Boy"-- Season 41
  • Lydia Meredith, "Juicy Booty Alliance"--Season 42

The Great[]

A title Rob gives to his guests and occasionally listeners who submit questions, i.e. "the great Curt Clark".

Gully []

During the Friggin' 5 podcast on 8/31/2011, Rob mentioned that Jersey Shore's Ronnie said "now it's time to get gully". Not familiar with the term, Rob then consulted to learn that "gully" means "something from the streets; gutter or gangster; same as saying 'hood' or 'street'". The term began to appear around the community, popping up in comments on the Facebook page and website comments.


A Half-Murphy refers to when a jury member on Survivor uses their final tribal council time to stump for one of the finalist. The term was coined by Rob and Stephen during Survivor: Cagayan due to Spencer imploring the jury to vote for Tony.[5] The term comes from Survivor: Redemption Island. David Murphy campaigned for all of the jury members to vote for Rob Mariano and then proposed to his girlfriend during the finale, thus completing the elusive Full Murphy.

I'm like a storyteller[]

A quote from Jonathan Penner in Survivor: Philippines; when trying to convince Lisa Whelchel to vote with him, he references his storytelling skills as a writer and how she may be aligning herself with the "bad people." Used as a soundbite during the "Fan Fiction" song, which plays every time Rob or a guest accuses someone of making up circumstances.

Intentional Matsing[]

Coined by Josh Wigler after Matsing, one of the initial tribes in Survivor: Philippines, lost every Immunity Challenge and ended up with the remaining two members making the final 4 of the season. "Intentional Matsinging" is a strategy that has been thrown out in which a tribe purposefully throws challenges before a swap to thin its numbers and not be seen as a threat down the line.

JL Rules[]

A set of Amazing Race-related rules, as coined by recapper Jessica Liese. In Liese's own words, "The JL Rules are much like the BR Rules, except they are Amazing Race-related and they've been written by someone who's never competed on the show and probably doesn't know what she's talking about."


During his coverage of Whodunnit?, Rob became rather infatuated with host Gildart Jackson and his rather characterized and over-the-top line deliveries. One highlight was whenever he referred to contestant Lindsey Anderson, which was always done in a loud and exclamatory tone. Rob has since used the Giles voice whenever he refers to someone named Lindsey, particularly in Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Worlds Apart.

Love you Bae[]

Much to the dismay of Nicole, after Missy said this to Baylor in Episode 6 of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, it became a favored term of endearment for Rob and the RHAP community. Rob first played the clip during the voicemail segment with Michael Snow.[6] There is some debate over whether Missy was saying "Bae" or "Bay", but there is no debate that this term became very popular on the podcast. This term is frequently used as a sign-off when leaving a voicemail.


A Stephen Fishbach term used to refer to Missy Payne, a contestant on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. Stephen first used the term, accidentally, during Survivor Know-it-Alls.[7]


Acronym for "Nicole Has A Girlcast". Nicole has said she hates the acronym; since making the statement, the term's usage has skyrocketed, much to Rob's delight. Twitter hashtag is #NHAG.


A term given to Nicole Cesternino due to her high percentage of successful pre-season winner picks. Nicole has successfully picked the winner for Survivor: Nicaragua, Survivor: One World, Survivor: Worlds Apart, Survivor: Cambodia, and Big Brother 14.

No, pumpkin, no.[]

Said by Kimmi Kappenberg during the fifth episode of Survivor: Cambodia. Rob uses it on his soundboard as a substitute for outright saying "no."


A term meaning to prank or joke with someone. Comes from the Survivor: Thailand chapter of The Evolution of Strategy, where pastor John Raymond had "fooled" his tribemates into believing that their water was tainted.


A supporter of Rob Has a Podcast who pays a monthly payment through Patreon to Rob Cesternino. As a patron, depending on the level of support, they might receive additional content, access to an exclusive Facebook page, patron exclusive podcasts, and maybe even a signed picture from Rob himself.


In her exit interview during Survivor: Nicaragua, Brenda Lowe said she was a fan of Rob, calling him a "playerrrrr," extending the r. Rob and Nicole went on to make references to it in future podcasts.


Short for "podcast". For example, "Sorry honey I can't, I have to go do the poddy."


In the cast assessment for Survivor: Samoa, Jeff Probst did not have kind words for contestant and eventual RHAP mainstay John Fincher, saying, "John Fincher is a poser." Rob likes to drop that soundbite occasionally, especially when Fincher or wife Parvati Shallow guests on the podcast.

Purple Edit[]

Used before a person's name to indicate that the person is nearly invisible on the season. The term originally comes from contestant Kelly Shinn of Survivor: Nicaragua. Kelly was referred to as "Purple Kelly" during the season because there was a second Kelly on her tribe. Kelly did not receive a single confessional until episode seven of that season.

Rafe's Choice[]

Used to describe having to make a difficult choice; a take off on the term and film "Sophie's Choice". Rafe's choice is a creation of Rob and Mike Bloom during the "8 Seasons You Should Rewatch This Summer" podcast,[8] somewhat randomly subbing in Survivor: Guatemala contestant Rafe Judkins for Sophie, joking that contestant Sophie Clarke had not participated in any of the seasons mentioned on that podcast.


Acronym for Rob Has A Podcast. Twitter hashtag is #RHAP. On June 8, 2012 at approximately 7:50 EST, #RHAP was a trending topic on Twitter for the first time since its creation.

Robs vs. Johns[]

A mythical Survivor season featuring a tribe of former contestants named Rob competing against a tribe of former contestants named John. The idea came to Rob when he realized how many previous male contestants had those two names. Rob also planned to have Bobby Jon Drinkard and Jean-Robert Bellande start out on Redemption Island, since they have names from both tribes. Occasionally a Kelly tribe is thrown in as a third option.

Rupert Tweet[]

Survivor contestant Rupert Boneham is infamous for having tweets that are generic and vague, leading to the speculation that Rupert pre-loads his tweets. This led to a frequent game on the podcast where guests are required to distinguish real Rupert tweets from fake ones. This term can also be used to describe a tweet by another person that is Rupertesque. Example, "Boy, tribal council is hard.", "Wow, I'm impressed" #Survivor.

Santa Billy[]

A frequent segment on RHAPpy Holidays, Survivor: Cook Islands contestant Billy Garcia appears on the podcast in order to reward and/or chastise Survivor contestants.


An autograph from Sandra Diaz-Twine.

So there you have it, That was []

Rob's conclusion to every single interview. For example, "Alright Nicole, there you have it. That was Stephanie Valencia."

Sticky Situation[]

During Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, contestant Baylor Wilson released a music video for a song titled "Sticky Situation."[9] The song was first discussed on the podcast with Mike Bloom during the voicemails.[10] Following this segment, the term became popular on the podcast, often followed by Rob playing a clip of the song.

Sucking Kneecaps[]

"Sucking Kneecaps" is a term brought to Rob Has a Podcast by Shane Powers via a tweet accusing Rob of sucking up to guests. The term has been extended to refer to anytime someone appears to be kissing another individual's butt. It is normally used sarcastically, but one serious example of using the term is in referring to Jeff Probst's tendency to say encouraging remarks about Boston Rob while narrating the Survivor: Redemption Island challenges.

According to Sophie Clarke, it's called "licking shoulders."

Talking Llama[]

Another Tony Vlachos classic. During Survivor: Cagayan, Kass claimed that her profession was an animal handler. In a heated argument with Kass, Tony decided that he needed to talk llama to her to make her understand. The clip caused Nicole to laugh uncontrollably and repeatedly during the podcast.

Top Five Baby[]

Tony exclaimed this during a challenge in Survivor: Cagayan, alienating at least one former ally. The term became popular on the podcast, it is very rare to hear "Top 5" without a person adding "baby" to the end.

The []

Rob often inserts the word "the" before a noun, regardless of whether or not it's necessary. This is especially true when discussing social networking sites, such as "the Twitter," or "the Facebook." His use of "the" is often mocked by Nicole as she points out it makes him sound like an old man.

"The Greatest ... of All Time!"[]

Rob likes to impersonate Russell Hantz, believing that everything associated with Russell is "The Greatest of All Time!"

The Rob that Sucks[]

Beginning with Survivor: Nicaragua, Rob began writing an Immunity Blog, where he posted five ideas after each episode of Survivor. The Survivor Facebook page then began posting a link to it after each new blog's release. Many commenters were very excited for the new blog, which they mistakenly thought was being written by Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano. One commenter then infamously posted, "It's not Boston Rob; it's the Rob that Sucks." Since then, the nickname has remained.

This is Huge...[]

The first episode of Survivor: Cagayan provided gold for the RHAP soundboard. Tony Vlachos found an idol and expressed his excitement in legendary fashion, exclaiming, "This is huge, I needed this!" The clip received heavy play throughout the season and onwards.[11]

Tightie Whities[]

The name of a song by Survivor: Fiji contestant Lisi Linares found on YouTube. The song contains explicit lyrics about various sexual exploits and is not suitable for children. Rob sometimes plays the beginning of the song on the podcast.

Turn Out to Me Nice[]

A tongue in cheek phrase applied to interpersonal relations both in the game and in real life. When someone turns out to another person nice, they are showing them courtesy and respect, or, in the case of the game Survivor, are willing to align with said person on a strategic level. The saying came from a cryptic tweet directed at Rob by Survivor alum Sugar Kiper.


On the podcast with Danielle DiLorenzo, Rob asked "Double D" if she was on Twitter. She proceeded to call it "the tweeter" which, according to her, is a site that allows members "twit" their thoughts and personal updates to others. It was also discovered in this podcast that Danielle's full name is registered as a website domain where somebody else is promoting a product line of full-fat salads. It was therefore concluded that Danielle DiLorenzo is not only a great co-star to Coach Ben Wade in the movie 180 (film), but also extremely well-versed in technology.


Refers to somebody using the bathroom during a podcast with Rob. It was introduced during the fourth appearance of Tyson Apostol on April 19, 2012, during which he did it two times. The second time was announced on the podcast but the first time is still a mystery.

Wanda Singing[]

During The Evolution of Strategy, after recapping Survivor: Palau, Josh Wigler would make it a habit to burst into song a la Palau contestant Wanda Shirk. Wanda's singing has made its way into Wigler's weekly podcast "The Wiggle Room," occasionally doing parody songs about the most recent boot in his Wanda voice, and inspired The Wandoff.

We'll Just Show Up![]

After Survivor: San Juan Del Sur contestants Baylor Wilson and Missy Payne put out a video, where they advertised attending a variety events at a whim. Part of their pitch used the phrase, "And we'll just show up!" This tickled Rob enough that he'll know use the soundbite every time he references something or someone just showing up.

Winner's Edit[]

A term used by Stephen Fishbach to reference the edit of a person, typically male, that he believes will lead to a win. Ironically, the individual singled out for the "winner's edit" will finish in 5th through 10th place on a given season. Two songs have been released by RHAP fans, remixing the amount of times Stephen has said the term over the years.

Yeah, that's pretty good []

Rob's weak go-to line when he is trying to transition from a topic/question with a guest.

You guys are so dumb![]

Jeremy Collins said this in Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, in reference to his Hunahpu tribe engaging in multiple side deals with Jeff Probst. Used as a clip on the soundboard to reference things or people one would consider stupid.

Zero Earbuds[]

"Pod on Pod," a podcast that specialized in reviewing other podcasts, decided to review RHAP in one of its episodes. Both of the hosts disliked the podcast. When rating RHAP on a scale of "0-2 earbuds," one host in particular disparaged RHAP and gave it the rating of "zero earbuds." Rob later brought up this critique on his own podcast and refers to the tongue-in-cheek rating method occasionally.


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