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But First: A Big Brother Blockumentary Audiobook is an audiobook from Rob Cesternino and Taran Armstrong. It has so far covered the entirety of the second and third seasons of Big Brother.


According to the blurb on Rob Has a Website:[1] "Rob Cesternino and Taran Armstrong bring you the first part of their brand new audiobook all about a single season of Reality Television, “Big Brother 2”.

After the tepid response to the original US season of Big Brother in 2000, CBS decided to revamp their summer reality series and developed a brand new game for Big Brother 2. This historic season became the first edition of the show that we now know so well.

Big Brother 2 is revered for its place in history and for the gameplay of Dr. Will Kirby. Rob and Taran watch the series from start to finish with a particular focus on Dr. Will to see if the legend is real or just Big Brother myth.

In addition, Rob and Taran discuss many of the nuances of the Big Brother game which were introduced in some form during this “game-changing” season of television."

Rob and Taran have so far covered the second and third seasons of Big Brother.


"But First" for Big Brother 2 was released on June 12, 2017 to the RHAP Store, at the price of $5.99. A free exclusive preview of the first chapter was released in the main feed on the same day.

The coverage of the third season was released on January 3, 2019 to the RHAP Store, this time at the price of $9.99. Like the previous season, a free preview of the first chapter was released as a podcast on the main RHAP feed.[2]


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