During the off-seasons between Big Brother and Big Brother Canada, Rob creates a number of podcasts that discuss certain facets of the Big Brother genre as a whole. This includes countdowns, drafts, and events/games involving Big Brother alumni.

List of PodcastsEdit

Note: The following lists off-season podcasts that exist on the main RHAP feed (i.e. hosted by Rob Cesternino. Please visit the page for Reality TV RHAPpy Hour for more information about off-season podcasts hosted by Jordan Parhar.


Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling Reveals How to Get on Reality TV

April 2, 2012
Guest: Dan Gheesling
Dan talks about his new book, "How to Get on Reality TV: The Complete Step by Step Guide," and reveals some key steps as to how to get cast on a reality TV show.

Brendon & Rachel, Richard Hatch, Sandra, Chris Daugherty from Reality Rally 2012

April 17, 2012
Guests: Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas
Rob interviews Brendon and Rachel during the 2012 Reality Rally charity event.

The Top 14 Greatest Big Brother Players of All-Time LIVE Results Show

July 3, 2012
Guest: Kos Kodrosky
Rob and Kos reveal who the Top 14 Big Brother players are thus far, as voted upon by the RHAP listeners.


Big Brother Jeopardy: Ian Terry vs. The World

June 16, 2013
Guest: Ian Terry,
RHAP hosts a Big Brother-themed version of the game show Jeopardy! Winner and big Brother superfan Ian Terry competes against two fellow superfans in a slew of trivia.
Trivia: There was a scoring controversy during this game, which ended in Ian Terry receiving the win. As a result, Mike Harlow, the contestant who would have won had it not been for the discrepancy, was asked to be a contestant on "The $25.00 PyRHAPmid."


The $25.00 PyRHAPmid: A Big Brother Pre-Season Game Show

June 17, 2014
Guests: Ian Terry, Matt Hoffman, Randy Rice, Mike Harlow
RHAP hosts a Big Brother-themed version of the game show The $25,000 Pyramid. The "celebrities" are former houseguests Ian and Matt, while the players are Randy Rice and Mike Harlow, the latter of whom had previously won "Big Brother Jeopardy".
Trivia: Player Randy Rice would go on to compete on the History Channel reality show The Smartest Guy in the Room, as well as compose several songs for RHAP.


Big Brother Think Tank

June 4, 2015
Guest: Ian Terry, Spencer Clawson, Mike Bloom
The panel discusses listener-submitted twist ideas for Big Brother and whether they would work in the franchise.

Big Brother Second Chancez Casting Special

June 11, 2015
Guest: Curt Clark
Rob and Curt create a list of one-time players they would like to see in an All-Stars season, in a similar format to the recently-announced Survivor: Cambodia.
Trivia: The results of the popular vote for the cast in contention were revealed in a preseason Big Brother 17 podcast.

15 Years After the Premiere of ‘Big Brother’ with Eric Stein

July 5, 2015
Guest: Eric Stein
Rob and Eric go back to watch and discuss the series premiere of Big Brother on its fifteenth anniversary.

Oral History of Big Brother | Interview with Huffington Post’s Matthew Jacobs

August 27, 2015
Guest: Matthew Jacobs
Rob Cesternino interviews the Huffington Post's Entertainment Editor, Matthew Jacobs about his recent article, "But First: An Oral History Of 'Big Brother'", where he interviewed fifteen former houseguests to chart the show's evolution.


Casting Big Brother onto Survivor | with Eric Stein

January 19, 2016
Guest: Eric Stein
Rob and Eric discuss which Big Brother players from the past 17 seasons would do well on Survivor, in line with the casting of Big Brother 16 player Caleb Reynolds.

A Survivor Fan’s Introduction to Watching Big Brother

June 16, 2016
Guest: Jordan Parhar
Rob is joined by Jordan to discuss why a Survivor fan should give Big Brother a chance for the first time. On this episode, Rob and Jordan will discuss:
  • What are the rules of Big Brother and how does the week play out?
  • Does a viewer need to watch all 3 episodes a week?
  • What are the major differences from Survivor?
  • What are some selling points about why somebody SHOULD watch Big Brother at all?
  • Do you have to watch the live feeds?
  • What kind of coverage does RHAP do for Big Brother and how is different than Survivor?

BREAKING: Eric Stein on His Shocking Decision to Join Twitter

June 21, 2016
Guest: Eric Stein
Rob Cesternino is joined by Eric to discuss why he finally decided to join twitter after years and years of hand-wringing about the subject.

BREAKING: BB19 Comes to CBS All Access this Fall Press Conference

August 2, 2016
Guest: None
Rob Cesternino holds a "press conference" on Periscope to discuss his thoughts on the recent announcement that Big Brother 19 will be broadcast in the fall on CBS All Access.

Eddie McGee Interview | Catching Up with the Original Big Brother Winner

August 3, 2016
Guest: Eddie McGee
Rob talks with Eddie McGee, winner of Big Brother 1, about his time in the house, his thoughts on modern Big Brother, and his new horror movie YouTube channel.

Your Birthday Boy Rodney on BB18 James & Rodney Bowl 2

September 3, 2016
Guest: Rodney Lavoie, Tim Levasseur
Rob grants a special birthday wish from Survivor: Worlds Apart contestant Rodney Lavoie to discuss his upcoming Rodney Bowl and how it’s looking for “his boy”, James Huling on Big Brother 18. Rodney is joined by his friend Tim Levasseur (father of Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur), who also weighs in with his opinions about James and BB18.

Big Brother: The All Seinfeld Edition with Akiva Wienerkur

November 20, 2016
Guest: Akiva Wienerkur
In commemoration of finishing season 7 of their episodic Seinfeld podcast, Rob and Akiva cast a full Big Brother season with Seinfeld characters and then simulate how the season plays out.


Casting Big Brother: Game Changers

June 11, 2017
Guests: Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni, Alex Kidwell, Brent Wolgamott
The Live Feed Correspondents cast their very own season of "Big Brother: Game Changers," in an homage to the recently-wrapped Survivor: Game Changers. They choose a cast between them of the top Big Brother players who contributed to changing the game in some way, shape, or form, and revealed their picks over the course of the podcast.
Trivia: This is the first Big Brother Off-season podcast to not feature Rob Cesternino.

2017 in Review

December 28, 2017
Guests: Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni, Brent Wolgamott
The Live Feed Correspondents gave a wrap-up of 2017 in North American Big Brother, namely Big Brother Canada 5 and Big Brother 19 including discussions of the winners, the twists, and notable characters/moments.
Trivia: Rob Cesternino did not appear on this podcast.


Big Brother Heroes vs Villains

June 12, 2018
Guests: Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni, Brent Wolgamott
The Live Feed Correspondents cast their own Big Brother all-stars season along the theme of "Heroes vs. Villains" from Survivor.
Trivia: Rob Cesternino did not appear on this podcast.

Kevin Schlehuber & Rodney Lavoie Jr. | Surviving Cancer With Kevin

November 6, 2018
Guests: Kevin Schlehuber, Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Rob talks with Kevin Schlehuber of Big Brother 19 & Rodney Lavoie Jr. from Survivor: Worlds Apart about Kevin’s recent diagnosis of prostate cancer and event that he is working on with Rodney later this month.

2018 in Review

December 21, 2018
Guests: Taran Armstrong, Melissa Deni, Brent Wolgamott
The Live Feed Correspondents gave a wrap-up of 2018 in North American Big Brother, namely Celebrity Big Brother, Big Brother Canada 6, and Big Brother 20. The podcast includes discussions of the winners, the twists, and notable characters/moments, as chosen by each of the LFC as well as the listeners.
Trivia: Rob Cesternino did not appear on this podcast.