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Angie Caunce is a frequent guest on Rob Has a Podcast. She is known for her casting archetypes podcast.


Rob Has a Podcast[]

Angie first appeared on RHAP during an offseason Survivor podcast to talk about the data she compiled from previous seasons to come up with a series of casting archetypes.[1] Beginning that fall, Rob brought Angie on in the preseason to see if she could use her system to make accurate predictions towards how the new crop of players would do. She has now done this for every season after Cagayan, including San Juan Del Sur[2], Worlds Apart[3], Cambodia[4], Kaoh Rong[5], Millennials vs. Gen X[6], Game Changers[7], and Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers.[8]

Additionally, Angie appeared on voicemail podcasts during Worlds Apart[9] and Kaoh Rong[10]. She also made appearances on the off-season podcasts "What Makes a Survivor Tribe Division Twist Work?" and "Drafting for the Winner of a Survivor First Boot Season".

Post Show Recaps[]

Angie appeared on Post Show Recaps in June 2015, discussing The Walking Dead with Josh Wigler, specifically her deep dive on character Daryl Dixon.[11]

Reality TV RHAP-Ups[]

Angie guested on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour to talk about the penultimate episode of Survivor: Cambodia with Jordan Parhar.[12]

Other Information[]

  • Angie also does a large amount of behind-the-scenes work for RHAP. She helps coordinate scheduling and guests for off-season Survivor podcasts, as well as many RHAP events, including live Survivor Know-it-Alls and RHAPCon.


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